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Business Growth & Marketing


Since 1991, we've helped businesses who want to grow, but stalling sales and ineffective digital marketing has left them stressed and confused.

We totally understand that implementing marketing plans is an overwhelming, time consuming and never-ending task. Trying to add this to your existing daily commitments is also challenging, and in most cases, it gets pushed aside for other pressing client issues. Using our Growth Guarantee, we've transformed hundreds of businesses into systemised sales and marketing machines using digital, design and data. We will help discover real revenue opportunities in your business and install a growth plan - allowing you to take back control and enjoyment of your business and lifestyle again.



We believe that accountability and transparency are key to business success

Setting goals and KPIs that need to be delivered ensures our team are on track and fully accountable to our clients. It is our job to provide marketing that is aligned with your business goals and yields measurable growth without any half-truths.

With the ability to easily attribute sales data that is now available to most businesses, wasting money on ineffective marketing is a problem of the past. We show our clients where their sales are coming from, how much they are paying for each lead and what their conversion rate is with 100% transparent reporting they can access 24/7. 


Joe Accurso - Director

Driven by creativity and numbers, Joe has a unique ability to provide creative solutions that achieve real sales growth.

Partnering with business owners for the last 28 years, Joe has been on a quest to test and measure. He applies constant and never-ending improvement by harnessing the digital transparency that data attribution now provides to achieve results.

With decades of marketing and design experience, he brings excitement to the digital world and the endless opportunities that can transform businesses through sales growth.

Not only has Joe lead an award-winning creative agency through a mass of business transformation over nearly 3 decades, but he has also managed to produce three feature films, 2 of which in the USA.


Paul Graham - Digital Director

Results-oriented, and client-focused, Paul has over 20 years' international experience helping businesses increase their profitability through marketing and digital campaigns.

Working within full-service creative and digital agencies in both the UK and Australia, Paul has planned, managed and executed numerous marketing and digital campaigns that increase sales for small to ASX listed businesses like Johnson & Johnson, NAB, BMW and Jones Lang Lasalle.

With a thorough understanding of digital marketing and lead generation plus great sales leadership, Paul brings a unique 360 degrees understanding of sales and marketing alignment. This unique approach has proven to energise sales teams in his sales enablement training.

With his finger firmly on the pulse, he is excited with the ever-evolving digital landscape.



Our team of experts 

Kristie Simpson Office Manager

Super detailed and passionate about managing systems and procedures, Kristie is the ‘Queen’ of detail and the glue that keeps the office together. She is a client service extraordinaire and always willing to go the extra mile for our team and clients.

Saara Lemmetty Creative Lead

Friendly, creative and hardworking, Saara is positive and passionate combined. Winning Young Designer of the Year at the Australian Catalogue Awards, her keen eye for detail makes her an ambitious and innovative creative.

Anton Ryden Content Lead

Wordsmith and all-round content marketing genius, Anton is responsible for SEO keyword research, content strategy and creating copy that not only resonates with your target audience but converts a passive user into a qualified lead.

Justin Page Web Developer

Talented and highly skilled, Justin is well versed in WordPress, HubSpot CMS, Shopify and Squarespace. With a distinct knack for creating website solutions, he takes great pride in his attention to detail and building websites that have a first-class user experience.

Florence Von Berg Integration & Workflow Lead

Our technical magician and all-around channel implementation expert, Florence solves our clients' digital, automation, workflow, CRM and technical integrations to ensure their business is fully automated and equipped to manage existing and new customer acquisitions.

Dan Miller Research & Data Analyst

Data nerd and analytics champion, Dan delivers insights and reporting that optimise and inform our client’s campaign performance and digital marketing decisions. With a deep understanding of numbers and user behaviours, he can solve customer journey challenges in his sleep.



Discover the secret to business growth

After almost 25 years of working with business owners and marketing teams of all shapes and sizes, we believe we've discovered the secret to business growth. It's the one factor we had identified time and again in businesses that were able to grow month on month for extended periods of time. 

Every business owner wants to grow their company. They have great ideas and they are passionate about their product or service but most business owners fail to allocate enough time to implementation and test their ideas. They are stuck in the day to day routine and the great ideas end up lost in a notebook or digital file never to be seen again. Like most great ideas, the secret is simple..... Every action has a reaction. If you are constantly working on sales and developing new marketing,  great things will happen because every action has a reaction.

Getting sh#t done!

Action is what moves the needle in every business. The companies we've worked with that test and measure, and plan their marketing and sales pipeline are the ones that see continual growth. They don't aim for perfection, they aim to test and improve if their market approves. It is what we've dubbed "Getting Sh#t Done".  It is the foundation of successful marketing and the secret to growing any business. The term was born from an open discussion to explain why Emedia Creative has survived as a profitable business for so many years. It's because we get sh#t done for our clients! It is Simple. When we promise a project, we deliver a project, on time and on budget. This is the value we bring to our business relationships and it's what we benchmark our KPIs on. We've found when the task of getting sh#t done is outsourced, you actually get shit done!