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January, 1 1970

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Paul Graham

As a results-oriented, client-focused professional, Paul has 20 years' international experience helping businesses increase their profitability through strategic marketing and digital campaigns. Working within full-service creative and digital agencies in both the UK and Australia, Paul has planned, managed and executed numerous strategic marketing and digital campaigns that increase sales for small to ASX listed businesses.
The Importance of Clear Call To Actions on Your Marketing Material
By Paul Graham / May 16, 2019
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inbound marketing

How Inbound Marketing Can Transform Your Business with Hubspot
By Paul Graham / January 16, 2019
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Business sales strategy

Your sales strategy needs an urgent review to survive the digital age
By Paul Graham / July 31, 2018
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Influencer Strategy Social Media Strategy

How we used influencers to grow a fan base by 2444% in just one month
By Paul Graham / April 16, 2018
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Why Amateur Logos will Always be Amateur
By Paul Graham / April 7, 2018
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increase engagement

How to increase prospect engagement by up to 81%
By Paul Graham / February 28, 2018
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Blog facebook instagram

Facebook & Instagram: Why they are no longer FREE
By Paul Graham / February 6, 2018
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Influencer marketing

How to avoid influencer marketing fails #NaomiCampbell
By Paul Graham / July 5, 2017
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Packaging trends for the overwhelmed consumer
By Paul Graham / April 18, 2017
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Blog Packaging

Evalar - Branding that empowers families to feel good
By Paul Graham / March 27, 2017
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