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How Colour Can Boost Your Sales

January, 6 2020

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Joe Accurso
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Joe Accurso

Psychologists have found that colour can account for up to 60% of the acceptance or rejection of a new product or service. So it’s no wonder that corporate companies spend millions of dollars on brand image and colour choices because of the psychological effects they have on the consumer and brand awareness. With a little knowledge, you can leverage this information to help your brand stand out in the minds of consumers.


Colour is vitally important when doing business. It is the first visual impression and most instantaneous method of communication for conveying your marketing message.


Colour helps to distinguish your business from your competitors and is an integral part of the identification process. A strong brand should have clear brand guidelines provided by the branding agency. The guidelines should include a colour pallet and specifications on how the colours are to appear when used in print, for example, business cards, packaging or brochures. It should also include guidelines for digital usage such as website and social media. Colour is an integral part of the brand and brand strategy.


When designing your brand and marketing materials, including logo design, it makes sense to choose your colour wisely. Your choices can send specific messages to potential customers and shape their perception of your company or product.


You may have noticed a lot of corporate and financial companies such as ANZ Bank, IBM, Paypal, NRMA, AGL and Ford use blues in their brand and design. This is a conscious choice on their behalf because people perceive blue as strength, reliability and honesty. This colour choice instils loyalty in the consumer mind. Government departments and the Police also use blue to evoke the same reactions.



IBM_logo          NRMA_Logo_2-1     Ford-Motor-Company-Logo     agl_energy_logo_large



The power of colour is something that most people are unaware of. Still, the fact is, very few people are unaffected by it. Colour affects people in many ways depending on age, gender and ethnic background. Specific colours or groups of colour tend to evoke a similar reaction from most people. This is how colour can be of used to help improve sales and create loyal customers for your business.


For example, have you noticed that most fast-food restaurants are decorated with vivid reds?

Well, it’s no coincidence. Studies have shown that red encourages people to eat quickly and leave- precisely what fast food outlets want you to do.



McDonalds      KFC Logo    Hungry Jacks Logo    




Have you ever wondered why guests on television shows always talk about the backstage “green room”. Around the world, television studios use a room decorated in green the colour of nature to relax and calm their guests before they appear. Think about your ideal environment to unwind and relax in, chances are it will include natural surrounds or earthy colours.


In summary, colour is a vital key element in communication, enticing and attracting people to your product or service. It can help to shape the consumer experience and play a significant part in brand equity. Colour can also be a primary form of brand, think of Tiffany Blue, and what that means to their customer. It has an immediate impact. Colour creates a brand identity and differentiation between specific product.


Our Sydney branding design team has helped hundreds of clients create logos and brands that help to communicate and grab your customers attention.


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