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How a CRM Can Turn Your Sales Process into a Lean Revenue Machine

Written By Joe Accurso May, 27 2021
Hubspot CRM

Today’s sales and marketing tools are unlike any that have come before.

Businesses can enjoy an unprecedented amount of automation and higher returns for their creative efforts. Using a CRM, for instance, could help you grow your business with far greater ease.


Of course, there are still many challenges that come with entrepreneurship—some are old, while some are necessary downsides to the tools we’ve mentioned. It takes study and practice to make the most of modern enterprise technology.


To help you build a modern sales process that keeps delivering value long after you’ve hit “start” on your programs of choice, we’ve prepared this guide to understanding the benefits and demands of using a CRM.

What is a CRM?

Put simply, a customer relationship management (CRM) tool is software that gives businesses a one-stop-shop for assessing, monitoring, and communicating with your customers.


Imagine an app that gives you a full view of all your past, present, and potential customers. Now imagine that the app automatically tracks each of their actions where your sales funnel is concerned: when they visit your website, when they contact your sales teams, when they spend, and everything in between.


Take that powerful tool and throw in about two dozen more features, from email integration to video call scheduling.


In a nutshell, that’s a CRM—and yes, it’s as useful as it sounds.



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Why Use a CRM?

Customer Assessment

In case you haven’t heard, data analytics can yield massive returns for businesses that work the practice into their strategies. But as any entrepreneur who’s tried will tell you, gathering enough data to create a reliable model is a major undertaking in and of itself.


As such, the first (and in our opinion, most underrated) benefit of using a CRM is the ability it gives you to collect and analyse hundreds of thousands of customer data entries. It gives you a foundation upon which you could improve your customer segmentation, identify your most powerful marketing tactics, and optimise your employees’ workflows.

Customer Monitoring

If you want any hope of growing your business, you need to have the capacity to handle an ever-increasing number of customers without sacrificing your operational efficiency. Now, this is much easier said than done—we’ve seen many businesses suffering from their own success by losing the ability to treat each customer with the same amount of care as in the past.


The best CRMs allow their users to monitor each customer at each step of your sales process. Where human memory and note-keeping can lead to embarrassing failures (forgetting a customer’s name is the least mortifying example that comes to mind), enterprise software generates real-time records of your customers.


Better still, many CRMs provide value on top of reporting basic facts like who reached out to whom, and when. Some integrate with social media to give you a view of your customers’ likes and dislikes, and others can be used to create reports of your customer segments’ buying patterns.

Customer Communication

While an external suite of planning and communication tools (like Zoom or Mailchimp) beats having to email each of your leads individually, they’ll eventually become unwieldy for managing your conversation trails and customer data past a certain scale.


Customer relationship management tools shine as communications hubs accessible to each member of your sales team. By providing a singular “home base” for all your business’ communications, your sales teams will find it easier to manage their leads.


And since your CRM is also your platform for managing customer data, your teams will find it easier than ever to pull up the details they’ll need to treat each lead as if they were the focus of your whole business.


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Growing Faster and More Sustainably
with a CRM

For many businesses, a CRM is a must-have in order to attain higher levels of growth. Research suggests that 91% of businesses with over 11 employees use a CRM—which means that there are a handful of businesses at a distinct disadvantage in competing for customers.


Consider how a CRM can address two of the most common barriers to growth a business might experience:

Too Many Sales Opportunities to Track

It’s important to have a clear view of how your sales teams are performing. As the beating heart of your customer acquisition, your income depends on how well they can do their jobs.


However, it’s impossible to keep an eye on them at all times. Likewise, hiring a manager whose job it is to watch them like a hawk is inefficient—someone the kind of expertise it takes to provide relevant feedback can deliver more value than mere oversight.


A centralised platform like a CRM makes it easy for your managers to track important performance metrics. Depending on the nature of your subscription, your CRM may even allow you to generate transcripts of calls for later review.


This increases the visibility of your sales performance to the point where you or your managers can easily step for optimisation.

More Needs, More Problems

By this point, it should be obvious that growing a business means engaging with more solutions. As revenue increases, so does your need to increase capacity.


You could hire more people, but the capacity gains might not justify the costs of hiring and the effort needed to train new staff. You could invest in software that addresses specific pain points—say an app to automate your emails—but those can be costly and limited in value.


Investing in a CRM offers a broad set of benefits at once, allowing you to discontinue piecemeal subscriptions and unify your entire sales IT ecosystem.


Conclusion: A Personal Touch at Scale

Research by Gartner, one of the world’s largest enterprise research and consultancy firms, suggests that proactive customer care will be a top priority for the world’s biggest enterprises.


As business leaders raise the standard for customer care, the best small- to mid-sized enterprises will be those that can get ahead of the curve and service their customers with the care and attention of a neighbourhood, mom-and-pop shop.


At Emedia Creative, we understand that the secret to sustainability and growth is to maintain an excellent record for customer service at any stage of your business. To give you an idea of what this looks like in action, we’re prepared to offer free access to Hubspot’s CRM: one of the best and most widely adopted in the business.


Simply click here to get started with Hubspot’s CRM offering, and feel free to contact us to learn more about propelling your growth to new heights.

Need More Leads? Use the latest tips to grow your sales and keep ahead of your competitors.

No spam, we promise! You will only 
receive essential emails.

Need More Leads? Use the latest tips to grow your sales and keep ahead of your competitors.

No spam, we promise! You will only 
receive essential emails.

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