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Top 5 Tips For Getting Social on Facebook with Paul

December, 20 2016

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Paul Graham
Written By
Paul Graham

Studies have discovered that Facebook fans spend more money on brands they are fans of, with approximately $116 more per year than non-fans. These Facebook fans also spend 43% more within that brand’s sector. Most marketers know that a quick way to increase your Likes is through Facebook’s paid platform – but what if you don’t have the budget to do so?

We take a moment with Paul our digital marketing guru to pick his brain for his top 5 tips to grow your Facebook Likes organically whilst keeping costs down.


What’s the most requested goal you get from clients when it comes to Facebook?


With around 40 million small businesses using Facebook as a marketing tool, it is essential you put your best foot forward when connecting your brand with consumers. One of the main goals I am given by clients is to increase their page Likes. Gaining a lot of Likes is not as simple as it sounds. When increasing Likes we need to ensure it is the right audience who want to connect with your brand and essentially purchase your product.


What are some cost effective steps to start getting more Likes?


Add your Facebook icon to your website, email signature and cross promote across other social channels like Twitter or Instagram. This is a really simple and effective way to increase your Facebook page awareness.


What kind of posts are most effective on Facebook?


There is no denying visual marketing works on Facebook. Posts with images receive 2.3 times more engagement than those without. So why not try using some visual eye candy, brand quotes, or powerful imagery that positions you as a thought leader? You will be surprised by the results.

To be increasingly visible, quality content should be posted more consistently. Like Google, Facebook puts a lot of emphasis on content quality and relevance. It looks at engagement such as Likes, shares, and clicks, to determine the quality of each post and chooses which organic content to show in a user’s newsfeed.

How can someone easily increase engagement on a Facebook post?


Rather than sharing posts with their Facebook friends, consumers have started tagging their friends in the comments section of these posts. So take advantage of this widely-used behavior and encourage it on your posts! Use this tactic with caution, as you do not want to be seen as too “spammy”, and give your consumers a genuine reason to tag their friends.


What essential advice you can give someone starting out on Facebook?


Don’t Be Lazy. Plan your strategy. Research what content your consumers engage with and don’t just post for the sake of it. There are also many quick tactics brands can use to artificially grow their following. Many of these will actually reduce your reach and organic visibility, so make sure you don’t fall for these shortcuts!

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