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What to Include in Your Winning Capability Statement

Written By Joe Accurso March, 9 2021
What to include in a capability statement

Are you looking to write a capability statement that will actually get you more business?

First off, let’s look at what a capability statement is and what its main objectives are.

A capability statement is a document that is sometimes referred to as a capability document, capability brochure, company capability statement, or business capability statement.

The essential purpose of a capability statement is to encourage potential clients to do business with you. The statement may be used on its own, or sometimes it can be used as part of a formal tender process.

It’s a good idea to always have an updated capability statement for your business so that you can use it as soon as the need arises.


What to Consider When Writing a Capability Statement

Your capability statement needs to be tailored according to three main criteria:

1 The products or services that you supply

2 The industry that you operate within

3 The needs of your potential customer

Obviously, the operations of your business are the primary factor.


Below, we explain exactly how to write a capability statement or brochure and the best information to include about your business.


But, before getting to those details, it’s important that you think about the other two factors first. 


A good idea is to get your hands on some capability statements from competitors in your industry. This will give you a good idea not only of the types of capabilities your competitors are offering but also how they are presenting that information. 

While it’s good to have a stock capability statement on hand, you may also want to tailor your capability statement for particular clients or tender processes.



WaterWays Capability Statement Design

Think about which of your core capabilities are of most value to this client and focus on them.

Depending on these three factors, your capability statement may range from a page to ten or more.

It’s essential to find the right balance between providing enough information for your prospective client, but also not diluting your pitch with too much information. 

Getting an expert capability statement designer to help with your document may be the difference between winning a tender or not. 



Sheeth Capability Statement





What Is Included in a Company
Capability Statement?

Here are the main points you will need to include in your capability document:

  • A basic description of the operations of your business
  • A list of your core capabilities with a brief outline of each
  • A list of essential personnel with a brief outline of the core skills and expertise of each
  • A list of noteworthy current or previous clients, as well as some key examples of projects you have undertaken for them
  • A catalogue of the products and services you offer
  • A means of getting in touch

The ratio between these different sections will vary from company to company.

For example, you may have one critical core capability that can be outlined in one paragraph but you may want to use the bulk of your capability statement to highlight case studies of how you have helped previous clients.


Similarly, you may have one core capability with a range of applications across different industries and operations. In this case, spend more time detailing the catalogue of services that would make the most sense to the specific industry.


Lastly, it's essential that you include a strong call to action on your capability statement to convert interest into action! 


Complete Kitchens Capability Statement



Capability Statement Design Features

As with deciding how much to include in your capability brochure, deciding how to present it is also about balance. 


The first thing to ensure is that your capability statement is very readable. The client you are pitching to may have dozens or even hundreds of capability statements that they need to read before making a decision.


To stand out, you need to ensure your capability document is able to be consumed at a glance.

At the same time, however, you need to make sure that you are providing enough detail to build up your client’s trust and interest in your expertise.




A good way of doing this is to format your capability statement so that it can be read in two different ways. For example, you can italicise or embolden each of your core capabilities so that they can be read at a glance, but underneath each, provide a paragraph or two with further information. 


You also need to think about the writing style that you use.

Once again, this should be tailored to the specific client and you need to find a balance between readability and professionalism. 

Try to use shorter, clearer sentences.

But don't sacrifice your professional tone in doing so.


Lastly, it's important that you think about the way in which you deliver your capability statement and the other media tools you use alongside it.
For example, email can provide a brilliant shortcut to get your foot in the door.


Linox Capability Statement


Be More than Capable

The name of a company capability statement can be somewhat misleading.

We often think of it as quite a bland document that just explains what it is that our business does. This is certainly true.


But it’s also the case that a capability brochure should actively gain interest in our company.

It should not just explain what we are competent in doing, but also give an impression of the higher goals for which we strive in our business.


As with all of the features of a capability statement spoken of in this article, however, it’s important to strike a balance. This is not a piece of in-your-face advertising. 


So, be confident, but be professional as well. This will make your clients believe that you are more than capable.


If you are looking for creative ways to build more client relationships and project a better, stronger image of your business, get in touch with us today?







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Need More Leads? Use the latest tips to grow your sales and keep ahead of your competitors.

No spam, we promise! You will only 
receive essential emails.

Need More Leads? Use the latest tips to grow your sales and keep ahead of your competitors.

No spam, we promise! You will only 
receive essential emails.

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