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How To Win AusTenders For Your Business And Secure Capability Statement Success In 2022

Expert Capability Statement Designers Will  Help You Create A Result Generating Document

Most clients at the start of their journey towards developing a high-level capability statement, don't know where to begin. They're not entirely sure of what content should be included in their resource, how long it should be, or how to position their key differentiators.

The purpose of a business capability statement is to help promote your business and core competencies as well as core capabilities. It will provide detail on why someone should do business with your company and highlight your product or services.

Our team of expert designers can quickly help to create a result generating document for any business focused on Australian government procurement for revenue growth.

The 3 Step Design Process to a Winning Capability Statement

Our Sydney design agency has worked with hundreds of business owners and Australian government procurement agencies to fine-tune the crucial details your capability statement needs to stand out and secure valuable tenders.

If you are unsure about the details required and have limited time to spend on creating or updating your capability statement design, our designers can help.

For almost 30 years, our award-winning design agency has worked with business owners to create marketing and communications for just about every sector and we can help you too.

Our consulting services help to attract the attention of contracting officers and have secured contracts in the government sector and the private sector.

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Business Growth

What Is A Capability Statement, And How Is It Used?

A capability statement is an outline of your key selling points. It should communicate the unique difference you bring to your target market and industry. It will help you put your best foot forward and highlight your core competencies.

Our design team, marketing strategists, graphic designers and writers will help you to create a powerful marketing document that your sales team will be proud to use.

We'll include your competencies, awards and accreditations in our proven framework.

We will transform your information into an outstanding visual presentation.
Your statement will communicate to potential customers, key stakeholders, suppliers and future employees about your company, what it does and what makes you unique. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward With Your AusTender Application

A company capability statement can be distributed digitally via a pdf file or as a printed hard copy.
We are often asked to help with Capability Statements for large tender applications and EOI (Expression Of Interest).
The EOI is usually for Australian government agencies contract for local governments or federal government. 

In 2018-19 there were 78,150 contracts published on AusTender with a combined value of $64.5 billion! This is the reason why it pays to get your tender submission in tip-top order.

Becoming a prime contractor to the public sector can take your revenue to another level. Every year the department of finance, government procurement, the federal government, commonwealth procurement and many other agencies look for new suppliers.

Winning a government contract can provide your business with security and robust cash flow.

With big opportunity, comes healthy competition. Your ability to highlight only your vital detail is critical in the tender process.

Our consulting team has the knowledge and experience to help you engage with contracting decision-makers.
We provide a range of resources and solutions to deliver a winning project for your company.

A high-quality capability statement is a necessary part of the contracting and tender process.

Your EOI submission is an indicator of your competencies and commitment to fulfil the requested services.

A professional and well-prepared document will position your company as an industry leader and can make a massive difference in the selection process.

By using a free capability statement template your application has little chance of capturing the attention of the tender assessment team.
These teams will sometimes review hundreds of applicants, so you need something specials to stand out.

Private enterprise and government agencies will conduct a tender process to locate a preferred supplier to enter into a contractual relationship for the provision of goods or services.

Confidence in your ability to deliver as requested is paramount in order to mitigate their risk.

The way your company is presented will impact the final decision.


Stand Out

Stand Out

Demonstrate Value

Demonstrate Value

Outline Expertise

Outline Expertise

Highlight Strengths

Highlight Strengths

Procurement Methods

The methods used by private enterprise and government for procurement include the following:

Open Tender - An Open tender involves publishing an open approach to the market where relevant companies can apply. 

Limited Tender - A Limited tender involves a relevant entity approaching one or more potential suppliers to make submissions by invitation only. Many Commonwealth procurement rules govern how entities buy goods and services. Your capability statement design should highlight your business' important information that decision-makers in private enterprise and government agencies will be judging

Laws Surrounding The Tender Process

Winning a tender means you are agreeing to provide a product or service and there will be stringent rules and regulations you need to abide by. It is highly recommended that you use a reputable law firm with experience in procurement contracts to advise and guide you. You want to ensure you understand your obligations to the agreement and that it will deliver value to all stakeholders.

What Information Should Be Included In A Capability Statement?

It should clearly communicate your company's point of difference and the problems you help to solve. It should introduce the company, talk about your history and outline your expertise, achievements, credentials and accreditations. We also recommend the use of client testimonials to support your content.

What Are The Common Mistakes Made In Capability Statements?

Highlighting your strengths and point of difference is essential. Still, a common mistake is providing detailed technical information and itemising every product or service offered to your clients. Stick to the value you will bring to the relationship and keep your content brief and easy to read. Do not use generic content, tailor the content to suit the potential customer that responds to the tender request.

What Is The Correct Format For A Capability Statement?

The capability statement should be a standard business size document, in Australia that would be A4 (201x297mm).
There is no hard and fast rule around page count. We recommend a minimum of 8 pages and 24 as a maximum. Resist the urge to make your capability statement long-winded and overly technical.
Use photos and infographics to maintain the reader's interest but most importantly, make sure you have clearly completed all requests as well as a list of your core competencies.

Do I Need A Capability Statement To Win New Business?

Capability Statements are a marketing tool used to assist in marketing and promoting your products and services.

They should be designed to quickly communicate the value you deliver. They are sometimes requested when potential suppliers are being considered by a Committee, Director or Board.

Therefore your document must amplify your strengths and value in a clear and memorable way without the help of your sales team.

It is the best way to communicate precisely what you do and why you should be trusted without the fluff.

A professional capability statement is not essential to win new business but it will guarantee that the reader has all your important information in a clear and easy to understand summary.

What Content Can You Include In A Capability Statement?

The following content can be included to help position your company as a formidable partner.

The key is building trust and credibility with the reader who is evaluating your ability to provide a quality product or service.

Remember, their goal is to reduce any risk and lower their operating cost. Keep this in mind when thinking about the content to include in your tender application and capability statement.

  • Introduction and company overview
  • An outline of the problems you are great at solving
  • Social responsibility policy
  • Your business partners
  • Organisational structure
  • Profile of the management team
  • Past and current clientele with testimonials
  • Awards and accreditations
  • Past and current projects
  • Commitment to safety management
  • Commitment to quality assurance and standardisation
  • Services provided and a brief description
  • Details of licences and insurance
  • Governances and risk management practices
  • Contact information

AustTender website

The Australian Government Department of Finance publishes business opportunities and notifies successful contracts on the AusTender website.
The site allows you to register and be notified of tenders that match the criteria you set when they are announced.

Once they are announced you can download the tender documentation which will outline the requirements.

The AusTender website is also used to upload your tender response.

It is a valuable resource where you can find details about successful applicants and existing contracts.
We also suggest the - Make Selling to Government Your Business guide.
The guide is developed by The Australian Government Department of Finance and will answer a lot of common questions around the complete tender process.

Emedia Creative helps business owners produce high-quality capability statements and business documents, that position them as leaders in their industry

We believe the best results come from a simple, clear and thorough framework.
Our agency has fine-tuned a proven process that has helped our clients win tenders with clear procurement information.

Our award-winning team will help you to elevate your brand. We will work together to develop the marketing tools that communicate your story and engage with the tender committee to help your submission stand out and rise to the top.

This method works for small businesses and larger organisations.

If you would like some help to create a professional capability statement or brochure design, call Emedia Creative today to get the ball rolling.



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