What to Include in a Successful Company Capability Statement


Generate more opportunities for your business with a professional company capability statement to stand out from your competitors.

With 20+ years of experience helping businesses create compelling capability statements, we understand the importance of showcasing your skills, abilities, and services.

We’ll guide you through the process of creating a document that sets you apart and gives you the advantage to win more business. Stand out from the competition, demonstrate your expertise and core competencies, and make a lasting impression with a professional capability statement created with our help.

In this article, we'll share our secrets that have helped our clients secure millions of dollars in contracted revenue and what to include in your statement.


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What is a company capabilities statement?

It’s a powerful business development tool that showcases your expertise, core competencies, and services to potential clients, giving them confidence in your ability to deliver the product or service they require. It’s a written document that is also referred to as a;

  • Capability document
  • Capability brochure
  • Company capability statement
  • Business capability statement
  • Capability profile or
  • Statement of Capabilities

What information is the most valuable
to potential clients or customers?

Don’t let a cluttered statement hold you back. Be selective and focus on what matters to your potential client or customer. Show them how your expertise aligns with their needs and their desired outcome.

A capability statement outline will help you simplify your message and showcase the most important information that can make all the difference in winning a tender. Partner with a capability statement expert to design and edit your document for maximum impact.

An experienced capability statement writer will help you create a document that answers the prospect’s questions clearly and concisely.

How important is the document format?

A visually appealing capability statement will significantly impact how potential clients perceive your business, and it communicates your professionalism and attention to detail almost instantly.

Picture yourself sitting across from a potential client, watching as their eyes light up with excitement as they flip through your capability statement. The sleek and professional design should highlight your expertise and capabilities clearly and compellingly. 


Obtaining your competitors’ capability statement covertly can give you a significant advantage. This document provides valuable insight into their offerings, marketing strategies, and overall positioning in the market. By leveraging this information, you can differentiate your company and gain a decisive competitive edge.

While having a generic capability statement is good, you may also want to tailor your capability statement for particular clients or tender processes. This customisation can help gain attention and distinguish between you and your competitors. This is usually important if the RFT is likely to attract many applications or is of a high dollar value.

What to include in your company capability statement

So now that we have some background information on what a company capability statement is all about and its main function to your supplier,  let’s look at the components of a successful capability statement template.

The main points to include in your company capability document:

  • Your business’s history and operations
  • Your core performance capabilities
  • Essential personnel and their skills and expertise
  • Noteworthy clients and projects undertaken
  • Industry awards or certifications

The ratio between these different sections will vary from company and industry. If possible, customise information and projects to highlight those relevant to the project you are pitching.

You may have one core capability with various applications across different industries and operations. In this case, focus on content detailing the services that make the most sense to the industry you are pitching.

Lastly, you must include a strong call to action on your capability statement and ensure your contact details are up to date and easy to find.

Asset 8

Capability statement design features

Deciding how to present your company can significantly impact your success. Be it a one page capability statement template or a detailed multi-page document, a professional graphic designer will use vital visual elements to make your capability statement easier to navigate and place your best foot forward in the procurement process. Your target audience may have dozens of documents to scan before they can shortlist and make a final decision. A poorly designed statement is the fastest way to kiss your chance to secure a lucrative contract goodbye!

Ensure your document can be consumed at a glance, is visually appealing and contains the relevant information.

At the same time, provide the right amount of company data to build the prospect’s trust and interest in your expertise.


The way to do this is to format your capability statement so that it can be read in two different ways. 
For example, you can embolden each core capability so they can be read at a glance, 

Don’t forget to consider the business writing style that you use. Ensure the language and tone are correct for the audience you are pitching. Your multipage document may need the help of technical writers or qualitative researchers. You need to find a balance between readability and professionalism. 

Try to use shorter, more straightforward sentences. But don’t sacrifice your professional tone in doing so.

Lastly, you must think about how you deliver your capability statement and the other media you might use alongside it.
For example, email can provide a brilliant shortcut to getting your foot in the door. 

Our clients have seen conversion rates skyrocket when an email is coupled with a hard copy directly sent to a prospect.

We often think of a company capability statement as a bland document explaining our business. But it’s also the case that a capability statement should actively gain interest and build excitement in working with our company. It should explain what we are competent in doing and give an impression of the higher goals we strive for in our business.

So, be confident, but be professional as well. This will make your clients believe that you are more than capable.

If you want to improve your tender results and project a more robust business image, contact us today.

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