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If your marketing team is unable to demonstrate the returns you are making from your content marketing efforts, you should be asking why. The most significant advantage the digital landscape has given marketers is the ability to attribute sales across all your marketing channels. Now you can precisely tell what your marketing investment is returning and which marketing tactics should be dialled up as a result.

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What Is content marketing?

It's the process of planning, creating, sharing, and publishing strategic and engaging marketing to reach your target audience or persona. It's at the heart of Search Engine Optimisation. A large part of this audience can be found on social channels like Facebook and Instagram. It is estimated that the growing audience comprises of 3.7 billion global users every day.
How Content Marketing Is Integral For Business Marketing Campaigns?
Content marketing is effective in breaking through the increased level of advertising and improves brand awareness to engage prospects and customers without a hard sales pitch. The way we all make purchasing decisions has drastically changed over the last decade. The salesman is no longer the gatekeeper of information. 

Research by Hubspot shows, 70% of the buyer's investigation is done online before reaching out to a sales team. This means your high quality content needs to be a part of the research that takes place while your prospect is learning about their challenge via a search engine result.
From your prospects very first interaction with your great content, through to their lifetime value. Having a robust content marketing strategy that brings together all the pieces of your marketing puzzle provides any business with a massive advantage over competitors. This new approach is highly recommended and based on data to deliver transparent results you can count on.
The way to gain and maintain the preeminent position that will dominate market share is with an integrated CRM and a well thought out content strategy. This strategy will allow you to efficiently track and measure every piece of marketing created by your business. It will increase your search engine ranking and optimisation.

Data-driven results

It really doesn't matter what you, as the business owner, or your agency thinks about your content. Leave the judgment to your potential customers by how they engage with it. They'll decide what will be consumed, and the data will provide the evidence to guide future successful content marketing creation. Keeping a close eye on the wins and losses is a highly recommended method to shape a long term quality content strategy for success.
SEO Optimised

SEO Optimised

Social Media Friendly

Social Media Friendly

Content Amplification

Content Amplification

Does content marketing works in 2020?

Valuable content alone will not guarantee an audience. Content amplification is required to get your marketing machine humming. You need to define your customer persona and get inside their minds. It's estimated that the average adult now receives over 4,000 commercial messages a day. We are all time poor with communications overload.

The old way of advertising and marketing does not work anymore. Most customer journeys now take place across several channels. These can include influencer marketing, video content, blog articles, social media marketing and email promotion. And then there are traditional marketing formats to consider.

Facebook and Google data show that the right message accounts for 80% of the return path to your website. Consider that on average, 95% of your website visitors will never make contact with your business. The right content creation will provide another chance for you to engage with that prospect on a return visit. Generating effective marketing that will tap into your prospects' emotions and impact your bottom line, requires a specialised team of experts. Experts who understand search engine optimisation and online presence. In order to deliver the range of content marketing services required for a successful campaign, a team of experts will need to be assembled. It is no longer possible to have a marketing manager control every aspect of the digital landscape.

A thorough content map to guide the marketing team will take into account, strategy, planning and campaign management. Knowledge in areas such as UX design and analytics for demand generation is essential. Then there is content engineering, where frontend designers and backend developers work with video editors and copywriters to produce a range of material that is valued by your target persona.

Developing leading content requires many experts to pull it all together. A successful campaign relies on an entire team with specialised digital marketing skills.


How does content marketing help your business in 2020?


Content marketing helps your business in the following way:

  • Educates your leads and prospects about the products and services you offer
  • Builds trust between your customers and company before the point of purchase
  • Creates a sense of community and confidence around your brand


These all combine to help boost conversion rates and improve your bottom line. 

Discover the potential of content marketing campaigns for your Sydney-based business with Emedia Creative. Give us a call at 02 9557 3366 or email us at info@emediacreative.com.au for more information.


Does content marketing and blogging work?

According to the content marketing institute, content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.

Companies that use content marketing regularly see 3.3 times more visitors per month within their first year of introducing an integrated CRM to track their leads. They also see 3.5 times more leads per month within a year and a whopping 79% increase in sales revenue.

Now that you understand why you should invest in content marketing, let's look at some marketing tactics to help you decide which types of content you want to create. Creating content around the customer journey will help to lead them along a path from prospect to customer.

At the first stage "Awareness" the prospect is looking for help or a fix to their challenge. e-books, tutorials and informative blog posts should help to educate and clarify.

The next stage in the customer journey is the "Consideration" stage. The prospect has a better idea of what needs to be done and is searching for a potential provider. In this stage, case studies, comparison tables and customer reviews will keep your prospect's highly engaged.

The third stage is ready to "Purchase" stage. Content like a product service page and video testimonials will provide the confidence and reassurance your prospect is seeking.

The content mapped out across these three stages should position your company as the experts and the logical solution.

Content calendar

Every piece of content should support and drive your overall business objectives. Planned to elevate and promote activities such as trade shows, sales, awards, marketing campaigns and even recruitment. The best way to achieve this is with the use of a content calendar

A calendar will enable planned marketing pieces that work towards a strategic goal.

Our content marketing agency in Sydney can help you develop a calendar to prioritise your efforts and ensure aligned communication across the entire organisation. Your team will work on the most important, highest value content at any given time. 

Find out how we can help boost your content marketing today. 


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