Do Your Customers and Team Share the Same Vision?

A strong, well-defined vision with meaning is an essential factor in building an impactful brand. Whether you run a small start-up venture or a multi-national company, your brand’s vision serves as the common identity and purpose for all employees and gives your customers a clear idea of what your business is striving to achieve.

A strong vision will also give your team a sense of commitment and cultivate enthusiasm and excitement with your customers. When everyone associated with your company shares a common vision, you will be able to reach your goals much faster, and a clearer brand identity can also be established. There is a great quote by Jack Canfield that adds another layer of value to a well defined brand and vision. Jack says “Becoming a leader gives you the opportunity to magnify your impact to the world. It allows you to leverage the hearts and actions of others towards the achievement of goals and objectives that you care about. It allows you to produce bigger results faster than you ever could do on your own”.

Shared Vision: A Critical Component for Customer-Centric Brands

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, putting customers at the core of the business is an essential move for survival. Aligning your vision with your customers needs would mean that your company is truly aware of who its customers are and how the buying journey of each customer contributes to its long-term goals.

By having a well-defined brand vision that resonates well with your target market, you are more likely to be seen as a trusted company. This converts to lifelong admiration towards your brand that ultimately results to better bottom-line.

While it may sound complex at first, creating an inspirational vision for your customers and team is not an impossible task. The vision statement will help the company to stay focused on your customers’ expectations as well as your company core values.

Creating a Common Vision: A Representation of Confidence and Conviction

Having a common vision and sharing it with your customers also portrays that your company is a “unified” force – that people from the base level through to the top, contributes to a winning customer experience.

Moreover, sharing your customer-centric vision provides an avenue for two-way communication which helps avoid resistance, ambiguity, and confusion among your customers and employees. Ensuring your team and customers share the same vision is a way to remove any hindrance or barriers towards the short- and long-term goals you want to achieve. When your customers know that the vision is aimed at enhancing their experiences and meeting their expectations, they are more likely to contribute towards making it a success.

In conclusion, when your business has a vision that inspires its people and customers, momentum takes you further than you can ever imagine. And as Jack quoted “It allows you to leverage the hearts and actions of others towards the achievement of goals and objectives that you care about”.

So, do your customers and team shares the same vision?