How we helped NEXT increase sales leads by 508% in a three month period

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In sales qualified leads 

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In website enquiries
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The Client

Next Printing is a leading Australian large format digital printing company offering new and forward-thinking solutions to Marketing Managers, Visual Merchandisers, Project Managers and Print Brokers in the retail, fashion and events industries.

The Goal

The goal for Next Printing was to increase brand awareness and grow the number of sales qualified leads in the retail, fashion and event industries coming into the business from their website.

The Challenge

• Connecting with their target prospects was getting
harder for their sales team
• An outdated website that wasn’t engaging with the
the right audience
• Website was not generating quality leads
• There was no marketing plan to increase brand
awareness and drive more sales

The Solution

Step 1

Step 1

Re-design the website to be more engaging, and user friendly with content that spoke directly to the target audience and their needs. We also highlighted Next’ unique offers.

Step 2

Step 2

We create an effective content strategy to build awareness of Next and helping new leads through the sales process from research to enquiry, then becoming a new customer.

Step 3

Step 3

By providing educational content to help prospects solve their problems, we were able to position Next Printing as the go-to industry experts and encourage more sales enquiries.

In The Clients Words

“We wanted to reduce our costs by not having an internal marketing person. Joe and his team are able to assist us in achieving our goals.The Emedia Creative team is very professional and help us in all our needs from concept to strategy and execution.”

Romeo Sanuri - The Next Group

Thanks to the improved website and content strategy, Next Printing also experienced a phenomenal website conversion rate Increase of 821% within 3 months.

Next Printing is Australia’s leading large format digital printing company offering fresh and forward-thinking solutions to marketing teams, visual merchandisers, project managers and print brokers.

Emedia Creative worked with the Next Printing team to establish target personas that we used to create digital content and messaging that captured the attention of their perfect buyer. This content was then re-purposed across their website, social media and other digital assets to extract its maximum value for a greater return on investment.
We created targeted content that was used to build a new website blog and a series of automated email marketing campaigns. These digital campaigns automatically nurtured and qualified leads that were handed to their sales team once they had shown a higher intent to purchase.
This nurturing process was helped by installing a Customer Relations System (CRM) so the sales team could capitalise on the increased website conversions and turn more leads into new sales.
The automated nurturing process we installed, helps sales teams spend their time efficiently with prospects that are further along in the sales journey. This strategy eliminating time spent with prospects that are only in their research phase and are not yet ready to purchase.