Emedia Creative and The Power of Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing is revolutionising the way businesses automate and streamline their sales and marketing process. We’ve proven that by using HubSpot and our own growth marketing processes, businesses can quickly transform into sales and marketing machines.

Hubspot’s software is designed around helping you to attract visitors and convert more of those visitors into leads and then clients. It fits perfectly with Emedia Creative‘s digital marketing and creative projects we produce for our clients.

Essentially, Hubspot pulls all aspects of inbound marketing into one easy to use yet powerful platform. Emails, SEO, marketing automation, landing pages, analytics, social media, blogging and the process to follow-up on new marketing opportunities are all covered by this innovative software and nurtured automatically using AI technology.

We started using the software over three years ago and in that time we’ve seen first hand the spectacular impact it has on sales and marketing. We are convinced that every business will need this technology to survive and remain competitive moving forward. Its ability to systemise the sales process and ensure that all leads and enquiries are given the personalised attention they need and gives you a powerful advantage with the ability to dominate your industry.

So why is this important to your business? When you combine Emedia Creative’s services and the Hubspot software you can:

  • Attract more quality visitors and understand their pain points
  • Convert more of your visitors into quality leads
  • Consolidate your position in the market with industry leading content to establish your authority
  • Increase your client numbers and retention with automated and systemised marketing 

“A 5% improvement in client retention leads to at least 25% increase in revenue”  

Source: Amy Gallo, Harvard Business Review 

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About Joe Accurso – Director
Driven by creativity and numbers, Joe has a unique ability to provide creative solutions that achieve real
sales growth.

Partnering with business owners for the last 28 years, Joe has been on a quest to test and measure. He applies constant and never-ending
improvement by harnessing the digital transparency that data attribution now provides to achieve results.

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