Why Business Brochures (online and print) are still relevant


Just how relevant do you think business brochures are in our digital first world?

If you use Google a lot, you may have noticed their most recent approach to our search habits.

Their algorithm has become really good at picking out the exact information you need, from song lyrics to directly answering complex questions.

You often don’t even have to click through to the search result to get your question answered. It’s all conveniently there on one page.

Business brochures follow the same approach

Instead of wandering around aimlessly on a website or physical shop, brochures offer everything you need in a few pages.
They’re well-laid out, answering your questions and offering the products and services that will most interest you, and presenting them in direct, easily absorbed chunks, just like the Google text box.

They can save your customers hours of window shopping and make their purchase decision easier. 

Choosing the right designer

Capturing your customer’s attention will be the difference between making a sale and not. 

Emedia Creative brochure design, Sydney recognised as a market leader. Winning gold at the Australian Catalogue Awards, we understand what it takes to produce a business brochure that will impact your business and increase revenue.

We offer our clients award-winning brochures that will appeal to their target market.

Ease your customer’s consumption

Business brochures can be made to include any amount of content. This means they can be consumed in one sitting, whether it’s a flyer or a PDF. Conversely, magazines require the customer to set aside a sizeable chunk of time, so it’s easy for them to put it down, intending to read it later, and just never get back to it.

A brochure – when designed well – can be leafed through in minutes. We can also create a sense of urgency with the clever use of layout, font, imagery, wording, and the right call to action. Your customer is, therefore, more likely to respond to a brochure than a magazine or poster, enhancing your lead generation efforts. Brochures occupy less space – both online and offline – so customers are more likely to keep them for future reference. 

Targeted reference

The nature of a brochure means it can be pretty specific. And with digital technology you can print just one or thousands customised to a specific branch or franchise. This type of specificity isn’t feasible with other marketing materials. At the same time, the brochure allows you to create a composite of all relevant details – specs, price, location, and contact person – in a format that enhances retention and recall. Plus, customers can carry it around in their pocket, whether it’s a foldable glossy or a file they can read on mobile.

So next time you contemplate tactics for your campaign include your own killer brochure, professionally designed by our top team, call Emedia Creative today on 02 9557 3366.

Or get all the brochure facts and figures by reading the Ultimate guide to creating a sales generating brochure.


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