Humanising technology to maximise Taggle's engagement

The challenge

Our challenge was to decipher and re-tell the complex Taggle story in a simple, easy-to-understand language and graphic design that would grab the interest of potential customers and generate leads.

With a major trade show on the horizon, we set about developing a winning strategy to connect with councils around Australia.

Our approach

Taggle’s complexity comes from its process. Initial ideas were based on creating a visual that would help to break the system down and show the ‘low-cost, low-power, long-range communications’ in a user-friendly format.

A marketing tool and communication piece that a non-technical council representative could easily understand.

We developed ‘Taggle Town’ – an infographic map that embodies the entire service Taggle provides.

The approachable illustration replaced the technical diagrams and helped to break down some of the ‘tech’ barriers that were hindering the sales process.

The results

We developed a simplified language to compliment the new Taggle Town info-graphic to clarify their sales pitch.

Taggle Town became the visual centrepiece of the trade show. The huge graphic was used to help demonstrate the benefits in a non-technical way.

The infographic provided clarity and confidence to the Taggle sales team when presenting to potential customers. And it also helped the customers to understand the value that Taggle was able to provide.

The trade show was a resounding success, attracting new business from councils around Australia.

Taggle are Australia’s dedicated M2M network provider, revolutionising low-cost monitoring for Australian water resources through the use of cutting-edge radio technology.

They needed sales and marketing tools to help their team articulate their point of difference in an easy-to-understand pitch


In The Clients Words

We'd like to thank Emedia Creative for their help in creating our corporate brochure which has been well received by customers. I very much appreciated the efficient turnaround with our project. We presented a very tight deadline and Emedia Creative managed to complete the project on time and with a minimum of fuss. Their communications were clear and concise, this made the entire process so easy. I look forward to working with the team again.

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