The Fundamentals of Logo Design

fundamentals of logo design

You may wonder what the difference is between professional and amateur logos. If you’re curious about logo design, Sydney experts based at our Emedia Creative studios know the process better than most! They’ve been in the business for decades and can help you develop a logo that is beautiful, functional, and is an accurate representation of your brand.

Start with a sketch

No matter how much technology advances, there’s still a lot of power in pen and paper. Good designers always begin with a simple pencil sketch, just to get the ideas flowing. We do ten or more then whittle them down to a handful that you’re going to flesh out. Some designers prefer digital sketches using a stylus or a sketching app on their tablets or phones. Sketches are the graphics equivalent of writers doodling or scribbling notes.

Think about colour

Colour choice can affect the emotion that your logo evokes, but it’s more than that. Your logo won’t always appear in full colour. Sometimes, it will be rendered in greyscale, black-and-white, or a single tone. As you put the logo together, be sure that it works just as effectively in all those iterations. It should also be scalable for massive formats, micro applications, and online use. Design a logo that translates across browsers, devices, and operating systems.

Symmetry and balance

The human mind subconsciously equates symmetry with beauty. So while abstract thinkers and creative types may be drawn to visuals that are slightly askew, the general public is more drawn to simple, balanced logos. They don’t have to be boring, but the shapes and colours should counteract each other for an aesthetically pleasing, stable effect. The untrained human eye recognises balance without deliberate thought, and a gifted design can combine graphic elements to produce this response.

Focus on recognition

A logo is a snapshot of your brand. Just by glancing at it, your customers and partners should know who you are. A good logo creates this effect using its uniqueness and simplicity. It’s an icon that stays in mind, is easy to remember, and communicates effectively. The icon could be a symbol that represents your core business, or a stylistic rendering of your company name or initials. Either way, it’s instantly recognised and distinct enough not to be mistaken for any other brand.

Dwell on brand identity

Logos aren’t just visual elements. They are stand-ins for your brand, and they speak for you when you’re not present. Your logo should, therefore, explain your brand’s character to your intended target audience. Think of two construction companies. One focuses on bespoke villas, while the other builds cookie cutter homes and gated communities with restrictive guidelines. While both logos might have a house in them, the design of that house will be vastly different.

Pick the right font

For most of us, the font isn’t something we think about. We probably haven’t changed the default on our computer programmes, and we mostly use either a san serif or a cursive for special occasions. However, our professional logo designers in Sydney know hundreds of fonts, and they can find the exact one that expresses the personality and mission of your brand but more importantly resonates with the intended target market. Whether your company is playful and inspiring or conventional and laid back, font tells it all.

For professional logo design that truly represents your brand, call Emedia Creative today on 02 9557 3366.

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