Influencing change in Medical Affairs Services

Clinical Research Corporation Australia

Clinical Research Corporation provides strategic medical affairs services to the pharmaceutical industry throughout the entire drug development life cycle

This includes preclinical to clinical, through to registration, reimbursement and commercialisation of the drug discovery. Working with their clients, they develop new insights into the product and use their team to drive the results of each product. Through extensive consultation, strategy and experimentation, we embarked on a brand journey to position CRC as an integral influencer in the future of clinical research.

The unique brand mark was crafted to signify the beginning of a revolutionary dialogue & approach to Medical Affairs. Inverted, high-contrast, monochrome images reflect the innovation and uniqueness of CRC’s approach and their ability to see problems ‘differently’. Shorthand icons echo the logo mark to emphasis the concept of streamlining in the biotech science & medical fields. A heavy use of underlines underscore the importance of strategy, process and analytics in CRC’s work, emphasising the key messaging points of the brand.

Brand strategy, logo & identity, B2B communications, and website

CRC challenges the regulated industry stereotype in favour of an innovative brand influencing change.

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