Possibilities for creative thinking in banking


iQCapital is a strategic investment banking business dedicated to raising capital for the healthcare sector.

iQCapital has an exclusive focus on delivering high quality, strategic transactional advice and bespoke financing solutions.

From the beginning it was clear that iQCapital never intended to be your typical bank. Instead they approach each client’s premium investment needs as leaders in strategic thinking that ultimately inspire greater outcomes. Embracing the sense of knowledge and discovery iQCapital offer along the client journey, we integrated quotes from well known leaders to open up a narrative around bespoke growth opportunities and unlimited possibilities.

With the iQCapital’s background in science and biotech, we chose to analyse the hexagon as a concept. Whilst a shorthand symbol used in molecular structures, to us this was truly symbolic of our client’s multi-faceted, creative problem solving. By combining multiple shapes, we were also able to show adaptability and strength in transforming the obvious into a diverse range of combinations and possibilities.

From logo development and brand identity to website, iQCapital continues to shun the traditional in favour of individuality and experimentation.

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Capital Logo
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