Zero cost digital marketing secrets revealed

Digital marketing is complicated. If you are unsure how to get the best results, this article is written for you.

Today we will help you build an essential foundation with our easy-to-follow, low tech zero-cost digital marketing guide.
I will provide some secret tools to give you shortcuts to increasing website traffic and sales in an easy, non-technical guide.

It will start the transformation and growth of your most important and often neglected business asset, your company website.

That fact is, digital marketing provides an unfair advantage for anyone quick to adapt. 

Right now, most of your competitors are using traditional sales and marketing techniques that aren’t as effective as they once were. So, it’s no surprise to learn that businesses that aren’t actively using digital technology to engage with prospects have stagnate revenue or are slowly shrinking.

Businesses that are embracing digital marketing enjoy a larger audience and greater growth.

Simply put, you need to connect with your audience using digital marketing if growth is part of your business plan.
So, let’s roll up our sleeves and jump in with your first task!

Keyword and competitor research is the first step you should take to improve your digital marketing.

You want to establish a baseline keywords list and determine how competitive your industry is online.
We need to determine which keywords are the most important in your industry and your business.
Keywords are a crucial part of digital marketing. It’s how search engines like Google find and rank your website. 

We will share a magical tool that will expose your competitor’s best-performing keywords and save you hours in research.
Within minutes you will have a baseline of keywords you
can use to improve your own website and attract more visitors with the help of leading competitors. Sneaky and awesome at the same time!

Emedia Creative uses several technical tools to research the best keywords, one of which is a brilliant free tool called Ubersuggest developed by SEO guru Neil Patel

Spy on your competitors and fast-track your growth with this free tool.

Ubersuggest uses data from Google to analyse any website in an easy-to-understand dashboard. There is an option for a paid subscription with more features, but the free version will provide all the data you need to make meaningful improvements. 

This hack will propel your website traffic in no time.

Ubersuggest gives you the power to investigate what your competitors are up to and learn from their historical data. Not many people are aware of this hack or how to use the information effectively. The results can propel your website traffic to new levels in record time.


Let’s say your goal is to increase sales via your website and social media channels.

An excellent place to start your competitor research is to look at the monthly demand for the product or service. When we do this for our clients, we also look to find the keywords used by the target audience in their research. This information provides valuable insights.

We want to understand what type of content visitors are researching before making their purchase decision. And we want to determine how difficult it will be to compete in this market.
Will the reward be worth the required effort?

Ubersuggest allows you to tap into all this data and more. If only your competitors knew!

The important questions you need to answer.

  • How much organic traffic is the website generating per month?
  •  What keywords or phrases generate the most traffic?
  •  What is the content your audience is most interested in?
  •  How difficult will it be to compete in this market?

Now it’s time to get your investigative hat on!

We will use a Sydney-based architect firm in our demonstration below. Keep in mind Ubersuggest will work on any business regardless of size, industry sector or location in the world.


Go to https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

Step 1. 
Enter the competitor’s website address into the navigation box in the middle of the page.

step 1.

Step 2. Select the country database (it’s important that you select the correct country)


Step 3. Hit the search button.


Step 4. Review the organic monthly traffic


Step 5. Review the keywords


Step 6. Note the SD score (search difficulty) of the keywords

5 2

Step 7. Review the Top Pages to see what information is viewed by visitors the most.


I am sure you can see that the answer to these questions and the data revealed will help to plan your keywords and content with greater intent and focus. 

That focus will help to improve your visibility with your target market and search engines. 

Finally, we recommend testing your website and comparing the results as part of the process. This will highlight what areas you need to improve moving forward.

Zero cost digital marketing summary.

Taking cues from competitors can fast-track your digital results. It’s a great starting point but don’t stop there.

A unique offer and point of difference are essential to keep your business “Top of Mind” with your audience.

Using a free tool like Ubersuggest provides valuable data to understand what your target market is thirsty for and enables you to keep an eye on developing trends.

Competitor research often reveals new opportunities you may not have previously considered, and that can be the online equivalent to the holy grail!

You now have a powerful tool and process to conduct competitor research on your own.

The sooner you utilise the information on your website, the quicker you’ll see traffic and sales grow.

Part 2 in our zero-cost digital marketing series

In the next Zero cost article, I’ll share another free tool that will grade your website and highlight any technical problems that can hurt your ranking.

If you need help to reach your growth goals, contact our team today.

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