How to Create a Killer Brochure that sells


A few years ago, the Emedia Creative team won Gold at the 24th Australian Catalogue Awards.

Use the same design process we follow to create a killer brochure design for your own business.

The winning brochure was produced for our client Kidstuff Children’s Toys, and we were up against powerhouse brands like Target, Myers and Kmart who all had a much bigger budget to work with.

Our top brochure designers can produce award-winning brochures for your business, and we can do it at affordable price points.

Know your target audience

Think about who you’re designing your brochure for. This should dictate the style and content of your document in order to keep them engaged.

Focus on the problem your product or service solves, not your office or years in business. Your customers are interested in how you will make their lives better.

So, while your brochure could showcase your staff and office space, your focus is better placed on your customer’s needs.

Use your premium space (cover and right-hand pages) for your most popular offerings and present them in a clear, attention-grabbing way.

Also, consider whether the brochure will be posted or emailed. This will affect both physical and digital size since large heavy documents cost more to post and take longer to download online.

create a sales generating brochure

Brochure Image quality really matters

If your customers will receive their brochure via email, use high-resolution compressed images to ensure they load quickly. No one has time to wait for images to load, your customer will get bored and move on.

Your choice of images really matters. Customers respond better to items in context, with dynamic human images that contain some element of movement. With the right design team, even the most boring photo can be made to look exciting!

Think about whether you want a photo shoot or licensed images, and let our team guide you on that.

Never use ‘free images grabbed from Google’ because they’re rarely free and can get you into all sorts of copyright issues. Besides, your brochure leaves an impression on your clients, so you don’t want them thinking you can’t be trusted.

How much text should your brochure have?

The number of words you use and tone can make a big difference to your reader.

Avoid jargon and technical language that your customers will glaze over. Consider using tables, charts, infographics, or visually-oriented methods to display specs. This makes it easier to read and absorb the information.

Last but not least, always include a clear call to action!

Nudging the customer on what they should do next and don’t forget to use testimonials. They may seem naf, but they do influence customers.

Work with a copywriter to craft content in a way that isn’t smarmy or trite.

Presentation is everything, and that applies to the words, pictures, and layout in your brochure.

To create your own killer brochure, professionally designed by our award-winning team, call Emedia Creative today on 02 9557 3366.

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