Leveraging Brand Strategy Consulting for Impactful Capability Statements: A Quick Guide


As businesses navigate an increasingly competitive landscape, the need for impactful capability statements has become more crucial than ever. A well-constructed capability statement helps showcase your business’s unique offerings, expertise, and value propositions, attracting potential clients and driving business growth. However, crafting a standout capability statement that resonates with your target audience requires strategic thinking and a deep understanding of your brand’s identity. This is where brand strategy consulting can play a pivotal role in elevating your capability statements, providing expert guidance and insights that align with your overall business objectives.

According to a study by Gartner, 41% of chief marketing officers said their strategic planning relies on outside agencies for marketing advice, reflecting the value of external expertise in crafting successful marketing strategies (source – https://www.gartner.com/en/marketing/research/annual-cmo-spend-survey-research). In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the benefits, process, and key factors for collaborating with a brand strategy consultant to enhance your capability statement’s effectiveness and impact.

Join us as we dive into the world of brand strategy consulting, unveiling invaluable insights and strategies for leveraging expert guidance in crafting powerful capability statements that captivate your audience, generate leads, and propel your business towards sustained success. Whether you are new to capability statements or looking to revamp your existing materials, this comprehensive guide provides you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the process of engaging a brand strategy consultant effectively and achieving optimal results for your business.

Layout Strategies for Crafting a Captivating Capability Statement

A well-structured layout is crucial for ensuring an enjoyable and seamless reading experience for your audience. Consider the following layout strategies for crafting a captivating capability statement:

  1. Grid Systems: Utilise a grid system to maintain alignment, balance, and consistency throughout your capability statement. Grids create a visual structure that aids readability and organisation.
  2. Clear Sections: Divide your content into clear, distinct sections, enabling your audience to easily find relevant information. Use headings and subheadings to provide structure and guide your readers.
  3. Prioritise Information: Structure your layout to prioritise the most critical information, such as your unique value proposition, key offerings, and case studies, to ensure they are easily accessible and immediately visible.

Choosing the Right Colour Palette for Your Capability Statement

The choice of colours within your capability statement can have a significant impact on its visual appeal and the emotions it evokes. Consider the following tips when choosing a colour palette:

  1. Align with Your Brand Identity: Use colours that align with your brand identity and guidelines, fostering a consistent and unified visual presence across your marketing materials.
  2. Consider Colour Psychology: Leverage the principles of colour psychology to evoke specific emotions or reactions from your audience. For example, blue can evoke feelings of trust and stability, while green can signify growth and environmental awareness.
  3. Maintain Readability: Ensure your colour choices contribute to the readability of your content by providing sufficient contrast between text and background colours.

Selecting the Right Imagery for Your Capability Statement

Incorporating powerful imagery within your capability statement can instantly capture your audience’s attention and convey crucial information about your business. Keep the following tips in mind when selecting imagery:

  1. High-Quality and Relevant: Use high-quality, professional images that are relevant to your business offerings, industry, and target audience. Opt for custom or original visuals whenever possible to stand out from competitors.
  2. Consistent Style: Use images with a consistent style and tone, creating a cohesive visual identity throughout your capability statement.
  3. Showcase Your Work: Include images of your products, services, or projects to provide clear, tangible examples of your expertise and capabilities.

Typography Tips for Effective Capability Statement Design

The typography used in your capability statement can play a vital role in readability and effectively communicating your brand identity. Consider these tips when selecting and incorporating typography:

  1. Legibility: Choose typefaces that are easy to read and well-suited for body text, such as serif or sans-serif fonts. Avoid overly decorative or intricate fonts that may detract from readability.
  2. Hierarchy and Contrast: Establish a clear typographical hierarchy, using font size, weight, and style to differentiate headings, subheadings, and body text. Consider using contrasting typefaces to emphasise specific information or create a visually engaging design.
  3. Customisability: Opt for typefaces that offer various weights, styles, and ligatures, enabling you to customise your typography to suit your unique brand identity and messaging.


Designing a visually appealing capability statement requires a harmonious blend of layout, colour choices, imagery, and typography, all geared towards effectively conveying your business’s unique offerings and fostering genuine connections with your target audience. By following the essential design tips and best practices outlined in this comprehensive blog post, you can craft a powerful and engaging capability statement that captivates your audience and showcases your distinctive business expertise, values, and skills.

Consider connecting with a brand strategy consulting service to further elevate your capability statement design with expert insights, guidance, and support. By embracing a strategic, thoughtful approach to capability statement design, you can create a standout document that not only captures your target audience’s attention but also solidifies your business’s reputation for trust, credibility, and expertise within your industry.

Remember, the visual appeal of your capability statement is so much more than just aesthetic—it’s about effectively communicating your business’s identity, values, and capabilities to your target audience. By getting brand strategy consulting services from Emedia Creative, you can unlock the full potential of your capability statements, driving new opportunities and propelling your business towards continued growth and success.

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