Catalogue Design Revolutionising Regional Communications

The catalogue design challenge

Every year Southern Phones deliver 25 million catalogues, designed to address the attention, desire,
and action phases of a customer’s buying journey and ultimately drive sales.

Emedia Creative were invited to review and revolutionise Southern Phone’s monthly catalogue.
Distributed across regional Australia, one of our objectives was to dispel a common stereotype for telecommunications customer service centres.

Southern Phone is proud of its Australian-based customer service support and wanted to ensure that customers were aware of their commitment and the obvious benefit.

Our approach

We gained a detailed understanding of the over 55s demographic and their pain points. This collaborative process provided the framework for our thinking and collection of ideas.

A review of previous catalogues showed many opportunities to revolutionise the design experience.

We recognised the need to personalise the Southern Phone brand to demystify the telecommunications space and create a clear, consistent and compelling layout to demonstrate the value of products and localised services.

The results

Simplifying the technical jargon was essential to engage an over 55s demographic.

By putting a name to the face of each team member featured in the brochure, we were able to educate and explain technical terms in a friendly, non-apprehensive manner.

This design change helped to inform and empower the customer and was crucial in building a sense of community and trust with the customers.

Another small but critical change was an increase in the font size, making it easier for customers to browse whilst maximising the impact of key messaging.

The bright and inviting colour palette helped to identify core product categories.

Finally, we designed user-friendly icons that helped to establish a visually engaging information sequence to make the catalogue much easier to navigate and consume.

In The Clients Words

Through data, intelligence and creativity, we were able to bring insight to the project and deliver a personalised, educational and empowering catalogue design that was truly revolutionary.


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