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Zero cost digital marketing secrets revealed

This simple growth secret will propel your business to the next level.

A guide to creating a Buyer Persona that will transform your business and boost your revenue.

If you want to reach next level success, make it your mission to understand the target persona concept.

In zero-cost digital marketing secrets part 3, we reveal the single most valuable marketing tool that most business owners overlook.

Successful marketers and business owners understand the importance of targeting their best buyers and building a buyer persona is where it all begins. 

 With the right execution, it propels businesses to incredible levels of growth.

I can’t overstate how important buyer personas are to the success of every business.

Set aside 10 minutes of your day right now, and it could be the smartest investment you’ll ever make.

After almost three decades of helping businesses grow, this is the best advice I can give. Seriously.

This step by step workbook is an absolute must for anyone who wants to rapidly scale their company and take advantage of the growing digital landscape.

It will help develop a framework to communicate with the people that can impact your business the most.

The process of creating basic personas is not complicated and can be completed within a few hours.

Once they are established, your entire company will benefit from its framework forever.

Below you can see a section from the Buyer Persona worksheet. It provides an outline that sales and marketing will use to understand and provide target information and communications.


Increase your productivity, stand above your competitors and become more profitable.

Using Buyer Personas, you provide your team and your target market with consistent messaging and remain free from distraction.

Yet, most business owners fail to complete this foundational work that your sales and marketing will heavily rely on.

After helping hundreds of business owners and companies over the last three decades, I have learned a lot.

I can say with great certainty that sales and marketing teams waste a large portion of time focusing on the wrong things.

And business owners jump to new ideas before the last one has had a chance to prove its worth! 

If this sounds familiar, download and follow the guide to put a stop to it today.

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Buyer personas are more crucial now than ever.

Understanding the market you are selling to has always been important.

With the massive audience and opportunity that today’s digital environment offers, it is easy for any business to get lost in the sea of advertising that consumers are bombarded with.

The best way to stand out in this avalanche of advertising is to focus on your most valuable customer with a Buyer Persona framework.

Don’t fall in love with the potential mass of opportunity, and mistakenly believe you can serve everyone.

Instead, wine and dine the niche target you can help the most. Become a trusted advisor, offer free helpful advice and watch your brand and profits grow.

Marketing personas have been used for a long time in the advertising industry. They have many names such as client profile, customer avatar, target profile etc.

Their sole purpose is to get clear on whom you are communicating with to stand out and make an impact.

Digital marketing has compelling advantages that every business must now leverage to survive and complete with savvy competitors. 

Many business owners are sceptical about the effectiveness of social media or have had mixed results due to broad or incorrect targeting.

The fact is, digital marketing enables you to quickly find and connect to your perfect audience at a fraction of what it would traditionally cost.

That is if you know whom you are targeting!

Keep in mind, more often than not, your buyer begins their search for a solution online.

The diagram below shows how people are discovering new brands and products. If your business is not properly represented online, you are missing out!

You want your company to be at the end of that search result with a viable solution.

brand discovery
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The best marketers have always known that the riches are in the niches!

People are searching for expertise and knowledge online to help when faced with a problem.

Demonstrate your experience, and you’ll be on your way to earning trust. More importantly, you’ll also make a clear point of difference between you and your competitors.

How do you create content that will help your audience?

Your buyer persona guide takes centre stage here.

To reduce your audience down to a focused set of valuable prospects, the creation of a buyer or customer persona is an essential part of your marketing kit.

Taking what you know about existing clients, you can make an educated generalisation about who they are, what they prefer, and what they respond to. Use your teams’ collective input to fill the gaps, and you now have the start of a valuable process. It will grow organically and improve all areas of your business with every client interaction.

Our Customer persona worksheet will guide you through the process in more detail and cover the five essential steps which include:

Demographic Factors

Demographic information will bring your persona to life. You need to gain a sense of who your perfect buyer is and try to get inside their head. These include factors such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Children
  • Income Level
  • Job Title
  • Education Level
  • Interests

Many digital marketing platforms allow you to target users based on demography. This information is also helpful when creating your messaging.

Goals & Values

Take note of their goals and values, especially those relevant to the product or service you offer.

It’s helpful to understand business and personal goals to get a full picture of what it is that motivates and excites your perfect client.

Challenges & Pain Points

Getting clear on pain points and challenges will help your marketing team to create engaging ads.  It will also help your sales team to provide desirable solutions that they will want.

Sources of information

This section of the Buyer Persona is vital to determine the “where” of your persona. 

Where are the best places to advertise and targeting this group? Questions like:

Where does your persona go to find information? 

Is there an industry magazine or website they often refer to?

Do they attend an annual conference?

Who is the industry guru they follow?

Client and Customer Objections

Think about the reasons why your target may choose not to buy. 

How can you address these objections in your marketing material and reassure the prospect of any concerns?

It doesn’t take a seasoned marketing veteran to create a basic Buyer Persona that will positively impact your business.

Use our guide to transform your sales and marketing performance and get on track to reach your growth goals in record time.

The businesses who have figured this out are in a league of their own.

The statistics below will shed some light on the remarkable growth that companies can have when they get their targeting right.

In a January 2020 study by WeAreSocial & Hootsuite, Australia had 22.31 million internet users and 18 million social media users. Given our population of 24.6 million, you cannot argue that the internet and social media are now vital distribution channels. 

Below are statistics from a recent study conducted by we are social and Hootsuite that shows the potential number of people you can reach using facebook. Remember, digital gives you the ability to target people who you have identified as being a prime target.


Please don’t think that your business isn’t suited to social media. It is a common argument with traditional business owners.

I guarantee if you search long enough, you’ll find a competitor who is rapidly taking market share while you sleep.

How to beat iconic brands at marketing

Digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube have created billions of dollars in new revenue streams for their advertisers.

In some cases, small startups who took the time to develop their buyer persona have made significant gains in a relatively short period.

They have used tiny marketing budgets to hone in on their perfect persona and quickly taken market share from iconic brands that were too slow to adapt or too broad in their targeting to make an impact.

Avoid wasting money selling ice to Eskimos

While these online audiences are HUGE, targeting too broad an audience means wasted marketing dollars and bad leads for your sales team.

The tip is to narrow in on your perfect audience with content that is helpful and positions your company as the leading authority. 

By using your persona framework, you will achieve a higher conversion rate with a lower ad spend.

Don't try to be everything to everyone.

As your digital audience and opportunity grow, it pays to filter into a niche that you can best serve.

Your persona will determine what type of content you need to create, what social media platform to leverage and how you should describe your offer.

The document will align all departments with a clear definition of whom you are talking to and provide a framework for efficient operations and systemised business growth.

We hope you’ve received value from Part 3 in our zero cost tools and tips. Get your personas right and so many other areas of your business will fall into line. 

If you haven’t seen Part 1 or Part 2, you’ll find other valuable zero cost information that will help you take market share and stand out from the crowd

If you would like help with developing your buyer personas feel free to contact us. Our team of experts can carry the load for you—freeing you up to enjoy the benefits of smarter marketing and business growth.

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