Could email marketing be the shortcut to marketing success?

If you are looking for a big marketing idea to create an avalanche of sales - email marketing could be the answer.

The most common question we receive from clients on digital marketing would have to be, “What is the best marketing tactic for my business ?” 

Given the hundreds of marketing tools and tactics available, the answer in most cases is not what they expect. 

Hands down, the best marketing tactic available to every business that delivers the most bang for your buck continues to be email marketing. 

In our clients’ quest to discover that elusive unicorn, they overlook the trusted old mule in the corner.
Give that mule a little love and watch him transform into the all-singing, all-dancing unicorn you’ve been searching for!

Yes, I agree. On the surface, emails seem a little dull, but the data shows that an email is still the number one way to distribute information, followed by social media and then blog posts in third place.

Email marketing is far from dead!

99% of consumers check their email every day and it's the preferred way to receive updates from brands

Love it or hate it, low-cost email marketing has continuously delivered high click-through rates for all kinds of business. Regardless of industry or sector, the results are reliable, and it doesn’t look to be changing any time soon.

Setting up a campaign is relatively straightforward and cost-effective. With an estimated 3.8 billion users around the world, it remains an essential source of distribution for B2B and B2C businesses. Use our free template to track your progress and see for yourself how effective it is.


Easy to personalise and segment email marketing newsletters

You can easily send one type of email to a loyal client and a different type of email to a prospect. Think about the conversation you would have with an existing client. It would be very different from a conversation with a new enquiry, and that’s exactly where to begin when thinking about segmented content. However, most businesses will send generic messages to everyone on the list. I hope you can see just how ineffective that can be.

With the benefits just outlined in mind, EDM’s (electronic direct mail) are one of the first marketing tactics we deploy when working with new clients. Their proven engagement will stimulate revenue in a short period to deliver quick wins for eager business owners.

Don’t be tempted to treat the EDM as a traditional advert. The primary objectives are to add value to the reader and remain top of mind by positioning your company as the industry authority. Providing ongoing helpful advice will pay dividends to your business in time. 

Did you know that on average a 5% improvement in client retention leads to at least 25% increase in revenue?

A reduced attrition rate is another powerful benefit of regular email correspondence. It helps to re-connecting with clients who have fallen off the radar. 

The secondary objectives are to highlight products or services that your client may need but is not yet aware that you provide. This is a common problem for many businesses.

A basic email sequence remains one of the most effective ways to engage and convert more opportunities for your sales team. Marketing automation will ensure that your prospects don’t fall through the cracks, even when your team is at capacity.

That enquiry email that can get lost in the mayhem is automatically taken care of, and the prospect receives the information they are seeking without delay.

This benefit alone will help to deliver more revenue for your business and enable your team to focus on their most important tasks.

If you are not already using a CRM, we recommend that you take advantage of the free HubSpot tool that will change the way your business operates. A big claim, but we have never seen a free tool that offers the same level of integration and benefits like it.

Time to get your email marketing strategy in-check

There’s nothing more annoying that receiving countless deals and special offers from vendors you don’t know, for products you don’t need.

Marketing emails shouldn’t resemble a used car salesman’ pitch. They should be more like a trusted specialist who understands the pain you are experiencing and offers advice and treatment to nurture you back to good health. Your emails should provide information that will help to achieve their goals.

How do you achieve this? Let’s say you provide home security systems and have identified that a prospect has read an article on your website about wireless alarm systems. Armed with this knowledge, a follow up email that provides information by comparing the leading alarm systems, including Pros and Cons, will be seen as a valuable resource while the prospect is in their evaluation phase.

With the right strategy and content in place, your clients and prospects will welcome your emails and your trust and authority will increase over time.

 If you are like 63% of most businesses that are challenged by generating traffic and leads, then email marketing should be the first step in solving that problem. Unfortunately, most companies overlook their database and never fully take advantage of the opportunity they have sitting right under their nose!

4 Steps to a successful email campaign

Your email marketing plan must contain these four clear factors to succeed in engaging with clients and prospects. They are:

Step 1

Personalise your message

Step 2

Use a compelling subject line that speaks to the readers need


Include valuable/educational content


Always include a clear Call To Action (CTA)

Personalised emails

Addressing your client or prospect by name is the first step in personalisation and will help to gain their attention. A more advanced level would be to understand where they are in the sales process and deliver relevant content to elevate your value.

If you can provide further timely information in your email (like the security company example we gave earlier), you’ll most certainly capture their attention. By providing information that is helpful at just the right time, you will increase your sales conversion rate.

Compelling subject line

An energetic and engaging subject line will reward you with a higher open-rate and therefore, a higher conversion rate. Your subject line acts as your headline and will determine if your email will get a closer look. It must relate to the client’s need. We use a free tool like Coschedule to test subject line ideas.

Deliver a valuable benefit

Provide information that your reader will find helpful. Stick to one focused topic written in a way that is easy to understand. Yes, the goal is to generate more sales. By informing and educating, you are positioning your company as the go-to experts who can be called upon when the time is right. 

Clear call to action

A call to action (CTA) is a must to increase your sales. A clear CTA will increase your conversion rate without question. Campaign Monitor found CTAs can increase click-through by 127%! 

Your CTA button should stand out in the email, using a contrasting colour and the correct positioning to increase your click-through rate. It sounds straightforward, but most people overlook the benefit this will provide.

SEO Advantage

Last but not least is the bonus advantage of driving traffic to your website. Every EDM should be structured to push the contact from their email browser to your website to read the full article and engage further with your brand. The extra traffic and insight are always beneficial to your overall SEO efforts. 


There are many reasons why email marketing remains the undisputed King in the online digital marketing world.

Yes, online marketing can be confusing, but email marketing is a cost-effective and easy to use tactic your business should utilise. 

An EDM campaign will also nurture existing clients to reduce attrition and engage prospects to increase conversion.

It will generate many benefits for you and your customers. So, place your money on the rock-solid performer, and you’ll be rewarded with continuous business growth with this often overlooked essential marketing tactic available to everyone.

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