3 proven website hacks to multiply your leads


How to multiply your website leads without expensive development costs or increased ad spending. Three tried, and proven website hacks you can use on your site right away.

When you demonstrate to a prospect that you recognise and understand their problem, you will gain their interest.

Connect the prospect’s problem to your solution, and you’re on your way to a new sale.

This is true for online and personal interactions.

This article will reveal the step-by-step simple formula that can supercharge your lead generation overnight without spending a cent more on advertising, so let’s jump right in!

Most professional services websites are complicated and confusing.
In fact, on average, they only convert 3 to 5 visitors out of every hundred.
That’s a lot of missed opportunities!

You wouldn’t put up with that conversion rate from your sales team, yet most business owners accept it from their website.


Let's look at why website visitors leave and never return?

To start with, most professional services websites are complicated and confusing. They contain a sea of messages and visual distractions trying to appeal to several industries and markets simultaneously.

It becomes difficult for visitors with limited time and attention to find the information they are searching for, so they leave still hungry for a solution.

The opportunity for a website to generate evergreen leads comes down to your ability to identify the prospects’ problems and offer a solution to resolve them.

Working with hundreds of clients for over two decades, we have developed a proven method to attract a target market and articulate value by using a simple step-by-step formula.

When your headline connects with your prospect and makes them feel understood, they find time to learn more about your solution and how it can help resolve their problem.

Here are the 3 essential elements your website needs to connect and convert more visitors into paying clients.

Essential Element Number One

If your home page only had one job, it would be to let your visitor know what you do in an instant and without question.

This is marketing 101, yet business owners and marketing teams worldwide repeatedly miss this trick. Professional service websites convert between 3 to 5% of visitors, meaning most of your opportunities are virtually walking out the door.

Take our formula to produce clear and compelling headlines to grab their attention.

Download our 1-page website cheat sheet below for step-by-step instructions to create your company’s attention-grabbing headline.

It’s easy to do and shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes to write your first draft.

Website Cheat Sheet image


Website Cheat Sheet

3 proven steps to get up to 4 times as many clients from your website without expensive development costs or increased advertising spend.

The formula to a killer website headline hack works like this:

We help (describe your target client) achieve (the service you provide) so they can (the results they gain by using your product or service).

Don’t overcomplicate it.

Break the message down and reduce the word count as much as possible.

We have seen client website conversion rates skyrocket by having a clear message that follows our formula. This simple change can be so powerful.

Here is an example to demonstrate.

We help Health Professionals with automated appointment reminders & billing to reduce cancellations and improve cash flow.

Crystal clear and on point.


Ensure your headline instantly provides these answers.

Who are we helping? – Health Professionals

What do we provide? – Automated appointment reminders & billing

What are the results we achieving? – Reduced cancellations and improved cashflow

Crystal clear right?

Now, if a Health Professional is searching for ways to increase their cash flow or streamline their appointment settings, this headline will be difficult to ignore.

Use the formula to immediately communicate to visitors and let them know they are in the right place. 

It is the easiest and cheapest way to improve your website conversion rate that we’ve used and continue to us


Your website visitors and clients have limited precious time.

Use direct calls to action (CTA) and strategic CTA placement to help your visitor to take the next logical step in their discovery or purchasing journey.

It may be to download a report, a checklist or a case study, for example.

Use direct phrases like

  • Book an Appointment Now
  • Schedule a Call Today
  • Register For a Class
  • Download Your Checklist
  • Get 20% Off
  • Claim Your Download

Avoid vague CTAs like “We’d Love To Chat” or “Reach Out To Our Team”.
Get straight to the point.

Position your CTA in prime areas with optimal visibility.

Fitts’s law is a model of human movement used in human-computer interaction and ergonomics. The law suggests that the Call to Action should stand out in size and colour to persuade your website visitor.

Eye-tracking research from the Nielsen Group shows that people scan webpages and phone screens in defined patterns based on motivation.

Optimise your content so users can find the information they are seeking quickly.

The human eye tends to scan a page left to right, top to bottom. Professional website designers leverage this knowledge to guide users to take the next step. Refer to the diagram below to plan your content and provide a smoother user experience.


Finally, use a contrasting colour to make your Call to Action stand out on the webpage.



Testing and research have proven that images have a massive impact on your website conversion rate.

You must use images relevant to the web page message and emotionally connect with the target persona.

Your website hero images should be A/B tested to find the best option for your market. Invest in quality images, be it stock photos or engaging a photographer.

Professional photography will provide a return on investment for years to come if the images resonate with your target audience.

These three essential elements will improve your website and multiply your inbound sales leads. They are low-cost implementations, and combined, they can provide enormous returns to your business.

Improving your website engagement and conversions is step number 3 in our complete Revenue Roadmap Blueprint, a step-by-step, easy-to-follow plan to generate more leads and achieve financial freedom.


If you struggle to find time to market your business and generate consistent leads, then our website hacks will help. Schedule a call today and see the 3 steps we use to Attract, Engage and Convert more clients to your business.

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Use this easy-to-follow process to get up to 4 times more leads from your website

Download the Professional Services website cheat sheet.

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