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Zero cost digital marketing secrets revealed

13 free design tools your designer will never tell you about.

Today we will reveal our highly guarded secret list of zero-cost marketing techniques with tools to help you raise your brand awareness.

With budgets tightened across the economy, working with a professional creative agency to produce targeted communications may not be an option. 

Now is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and use these free designer tools and help your brand come to life.

These tools will help with tasks like content creation, headline testing, customer database building and email marketing

They have the power to transform your business with zero cost. 


Bookmark the link and come back every time you need to create new marketing material.

Time Saving Money generating Amazine tools

Now you have a cheat sheet to help improve the following areas of your content!

  • Design and Layout
  • Image library
  • Photo editing
  • Type and Fonts
  • Icons
  • Target audience development
  • Grammar and Proofing
  • Headline testing
  • Project management
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
  • Email marketing

There will be a tool on this list to improve your content marketing and lead generation without a doubt.

So here they are in no particular order.

Design and Layout

First up, we have scenelab it’s a web application for creating beautiful flat lay compositions with ease. There are hundreds of fresh images to help with your design. Unleash your creativity and build your next brand design, hero image, website banner design or social media posts with a professional stylised look.

Lucidpress is a design and publishing platform where you can quickly create template-based sales brochures. With easy and customisable free template design, you’ll be able to put together a good looking sales brochure in record time.
The free individual account also comes with 25MB of storage.

Images library

Search through thousands of images and videos perfect for your marketing plan. 

Images are completely royalty-free. How is that possible?
Licensed under the Creative Commons Zero license, all photos on Pexels are free to use for any project. Update your social media, company brochures, SEO blog posts or website design with ease. 

Now you have high-quality digital photos and video to use in your content marketing.

Photo editing

Remove the background of people or product shots automatically and free! This tool will save you hours and hundreds of dollars for professional results; it works like magic and will do wonders to give your website design and social media posts a professional look.

It gets my vote for the best graphic design time saver tool. Ever!

Type and Fonts

Do you struggle to find the perfect font combination for your projects? For the non-designer, Fontjoy makes it easy to find great combinations of fonts for your web banner, catalogue or flyers. Find the right combination your design needs.

1001 free fonts is a great website to find that unique font you’ve been looking for.
Pro-Tip: Keep your font selection small, don’t go overboard with lots of font options.


Icons can communicate a complex message quickly. It’s the reason why infographics have become so popular.

There are over 2 million icons on this site, including the most extensive free collection in the universe! If you are looking for a particular symbol, this is the place to find it.

Target audience development

If you only follow one piece of advice in this post, let it be this!
Your most valuable persona should be front and centre of every marketing decision you make.
The success of any marketing campaign comes down to how well you can identify your target customer and speak to them in their language.

Shockingly, most businesses skip this step. It is the reason why we created our own guide to help clients get their communication right.

Your marketing success is directly connected to this foundation work. Download your workbook now!

Grammar and Proofing

We use this fantastic tool all the time, as do many other digital marketing agencies around the world. Incorrect grammar and spelling mistakes will affect the way your company is perceived. From business letters to search engine optimisation, Grammarly allows you to proof check all your work quickly and easily.

Headline Testing

On average, over 80% of people will only read your headline copy. 

If you are not able to peak their attention with your headline, the rest of your content will go unnoticed. 

Use the headline analyser to test your content idea before committing to it. 

This tool provides suggestions that drive traffic and search results.

Taking the time to test your headline options will improve your website traffic and conversion results.

Project management

If you don’t already have a Gmail account, you should. Besides giving you access to a range of world-class tools equivalent to Word and Excel, the free 15GB cloud storage space provided is an excellent way to backup important files. 

Best of all, you’ll have access to your data from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
An absolute lifesaver for that urgent file you need to access remotely.

Project management

HubSpot CRM is 100% free — forever.
HubSpot is a powerful tool that provides fantastic value.
It’s used by thousands of forward-thinking companies around the world to digitally connect with prospects and customers for better communication.

It comes with free meeting scheduling, and email marketing to streamline your digital outreach.
A world-class CRM for any business with growth ambitions. 

Email marketing

With millions of customers globally, Mailchimp has been around since the dawn of time (in internet years). 

We have used and recommended Mailchimp as a reliable bulk emailing transmission solution that provides insight on who is opening and engaging with your email content. 

Kick start your marketing efforts with a regular electronic newsletter campaign to keep your clients up to date and your brand top of mind.

Well, there it is, the knowledge and ability this list provides is tremendous.
Some of the tools simplify processes that a few short years ago would require highly specialised skill and hours of labour to complete. 

For anyone on a limited budget wanting to grow their business or improve their marketing, this resource will make it possible.

I hope you can extract the value that we have from these tools and your business activity booms as a result!

If you haven’t read Part 1  Part 2 or Part 3  you’ll find more valuable zero cost information that will help you capture market share and stand out from the crowd

If you have any questions regarding this series or digital marketing and lead generation in general, please reach out.

To find out how digital marketing can help you reach your growth goals, contact our team for an obligation-free chat today.

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